Identity. The big one, the leap of faith, the "here goes nothing". 
Let's get to work.
So you just decided you want to start your own small business and you go into OfficeDepot or Staples and look at their prices for new business cards, letterheads, envelopes, receipts, forms, door hangers, magnets....oh boy this list can go on. You notice how much all that is going to cost and and you're almost about to suck it up and go with it. Well guess what, there is a better way of doing this and SS9 can help you through it from step 1 to step 79. I got your back with your new endeavor. I suppose I should clarify, your business doesn't need to be new for me to help, identity refresh and re-design is right up my alley if that's what you need instead.
So what does this "identity" include? For starters, we look at your logo, or lack there-of, and either start designing a logo or refreshing an existing one. After several options are created and proposed we then choose the best solution and refine that one good choice with a solid color theory, strong graphical elements, and awe-inspiring context. 
With a great logo done, then comes the peripheral graphical elements that solidify your identity. We then round it off with a typographic style that makes the design sing.
"Woah woah slow down there, I just need a website not all this other stuff". Glad you asked, if you need just a website I would be happy to discuss with you what your expectations are and what I can offer. There are a lot of options ranging from quick and cheap to expensive and elaborate, I want to make sure you get what you can afford and handle. 
Pricing and time frame of your project can vary wildly depending on the scope of what you need. I would be happy to discuss what you are looking for and come up with an estimate of what the job should cost.
Ready to get to work? Email me:
Please tell me about your business, what you do, who you might serve(the normal person, other businesses), where you are located, a link to your current website or Facebook page if you have it, a picture or two of current business cards if you have them, a quick sketch of a that logo idea you had at 2 am. 
I will get back to you asap with more questions to really get to know what you're all about.
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