What can Studio Seven 9 design for you? Well, haven't found a limit yet.
Have an identity already and need an expansion of material but don’t want to pay the high price? I got you covered, I can take anything you have and build upon it to improve the quality and quantity. What does this mean? Well let's say you have your el cheapo black and white business cards you get from OfficeDepot that work just fine for you, but you need something a lot nicer and realize I can do it for much cheaper. It's a done deal, I'll go design a new business card with your existing visual language and have the cards shipped right to you.
Have a one-off idea that you think would be fun to do but don't want to spend the time and money to do it yourself? Invitations? Sticky Notes? Window sticker?
Let's say you want your own custom printed trinket for yourself or a gift, where to begin making it? Well you email me of course. Creating these fun printed (or digital) ideas you have is a lot of fun for me and I want to help.
Even if you don't need it printed from us, we are happy to create the design to do with it as you please.
Expand upon existing material and logos you already have.
Take an idea you have and flesh it out into reality.
Manipulate your logo to add or remove certain elements.
Design simple projects i.e. greeting cards, business cards, Social Media Post, etc.
Photography work, Photoshoots and product Photography, Photo manipulation.
Doesn't have to be design work per se, SS9 can help with most digital art related projects for personal and business.
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